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Stand Number: 18

Contact Name:  Fabio Costiniti
Telephone Number:  +39 0293 525229
Address: Via E. Vismara, 114, Arese (MI) – 20020 – Italy

Company Profile:
Italmatch is one of the world’s largest producers of phosphonates under the brands Dequest® and Briquest® worldwide.  Our customers rely on our high quality products for applications in markets such as Household and Industrial Cleaning, Hygiene, Water Treatment and Personal Care with the brands Dapracare® and Turpinal®.

The Dequest® range includes phosphonates and low molecular weight water-soluble polymers and Inulin derivatives, the latter being designed for an improved environmental and toxicological profile. Valuable for improving stain removal, bleach stabilization, anti-encrustation and anti-redeposition.

The Dapracare® range of materials includes Fatty acid esters, Alcohols and Stearates, widely used as emollients and emulsifiers; consistency giving factors and biodegradable conditioning agents.

The Turpinal® range are Etidronic Acid Derivatives, to increase shelf life of Hair Bleach and Hair Drying and to prevent oxidation of fatty acids in bar soap, useful also for fragrance stabilization.

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