Augeo Family: Sustainable Solutions with High Performance

Time: 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Date: Wednesday 15 May


Solvay is an advanced materials & specialty chemicals company that has sustainability leading its path through the development of innovative and high performance solutions for the most diversified segments, enabling us to build a better future. The aim of this presentation is to share Solvay internal methodology to identify sustainable solutions by using the example of Augeo Family as a result of this phylosophy. Augeo products are high performance solvents that are produced from renewable source and present low odor, no toxicity and are compliant with the most restrictive regulations worldwide. At this presentation, Fernanda will showcase Augeo Clean Multi and Augeo Clean Plus functionalities and benefits when used in cleaning formulations, emphasizing that high performance is an essential axis in a sustainable development.

Speaker: Fernanda Grigoletto, Account Manager EMEA, Solvay

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