Next Generation Granular Laundry Enzymes

Time: 2:00 pm - 2:20 pm

Date: Tuesday 14 May


In recent years, the detergents in developed markets have continued to shift from powder to liquid,
while at the same time moving to more concentrated formulas. Despite that the powder laundry
detergent segment is still expected to be the main laundry format globally for the next couple of years.
This segment is highly competitive and providing quality products to consumers without increasing cost
can pose a significant challenge to detergent producers.
For ingredients dosed at a low inclusion level, such as enzymes, a concentrated powder detergent can
present a challenge to formulators. A uniform enzyme distribution is critical to deliver a consistent
cleaning performance in each wash. This becomes even more important with compaction as
concentrated enzyme granules require reduced inclusion level in the detergent.
To help detergent producers face this challenge, DuPont invests both in enzyme innovation and in novel
delivery systems in enzymes for detergents. For powder detergents, focus is on delivering performance
in a cost-effective way that meets detergent manufacturers needs for quality on attributes such as
consistent enzyme distribution in the detergent powder and robust cleaning performance.
In order to address this challenge, DuPont has developed a novel delivery system for granular enzymes:
ENZOGUARD® SD and ENZOGUARD® MEG. ENZOGUARD® SD is DuPont’s new granule technology that
allows for smarter distribution in laundry powders. ENZOGUARD® MEG is a multi-enzyme granule that
offers multiple benefits in one single granule. Both of these technologies were developed to realize a
better distribution of enzymes in the detergent, resulting in a more consistent delivery of enzyme
benefits in each wash.

Speaker: Fanélie Jaeglé, Technical and Marketing Manager, IMCD Group

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