Application and Sensory Performance of Acrylate Based Fragrance Encapsulation

Time: 10:10 am - 10:30 am

Date: Wednesday 15 May


Ashland introduces new fragrance encapsulation technology Captivates TM A based on Acrylate Chemistry and demonstrates how the resulting fragrance microcapsules show great performance in liquid detergents, controlled release on fabrics and longer fragrance duration

Currently encapsulation technology based on melamine formaldehyde chemistry is used to provide microencapsulated fragrance capsules to enhance the olfactory aspect of laundry products.  This presentation will introduce a new non-formaldehyde based encapsulation technology based on acrylate chemistry. This technology involves forming a microcapsule polymer shell through inner phase polymerization where the monomers are dissolved in the fragrance oils. The resulting fragrance microcapsules have been assessed in application and sensory performance studies against benchmark melamine formaldehyde microcapsules and have shown superior performance in liquid laundry detergent. The technology has been shown to provide a controlled fragrance release mechanism on fabric.  Panel studies will show better fragrance delivery for a longer duration for the acrylate fragrance microencapsulates.

Speaker: Adbul-wahab Hussain, Research Scientist, Ashland

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