Spotlight – A Lab Day with AristoCare Smart

Time: 2:20 pm - 2:40 pm

Date: Tuesday 14 May


Modern consumers are constantly seeking for reducing the time spent with cleaning their homes. Hard Surface Cleaners which are easy to use, clean quickly and allow an easier next time cleaning, perfectly fulfill this need.

Clariant invites you to gain an insight into their laboratory at the Clariant Innovation Center to experience how we match these trends with innovative raw materials like AristocareTM Smart.

On your journey through the laboratory you can discover, how we test benefits of surface modification polymers to proof the claims for your cleaning products. Whilst developing test methods which are easy to implement we try to stay as close to reality as possible to ensure consumer can easily experience the same effects at home.

The novel surface modification polymer AristocareTM Smart will accompany you during our lab tour to show you how effortlessly soil removal and protected surfaces can significantly reduce the time needed for the cleaning process.

Speaker: Svea Braak, Application Specialist, Clariant


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