What the Chelates GLDA and MGDA Can Do for Your Cleaners

Time: 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Date: Tuesday 14 May


The traditional chelating agents like phosphates, NTA, EDTA and DTPA have their environmental and/or toxicological disadvantages. The modern strong chelates like GLDA and MGDA are environmentally benign, not labelled as dangerous and sufficiently strong to boost the cleaning action. They soften the water and they protect anionic surfactants against inactivation and precipitation. GLDA and MGDA can be combined with enzymes and will boost the performance of biocidals and preservatives, so more ‘soft’ anti-microbials  in lower concentrations can be used. These modern chelates can replace NTA in industrial and institutional cleaning, and can replace phosphates in household detergents. Furthermore they outperform citrates with respect to water softening, descaling and dirt removal. Examples of their good use will be given.

Speaker: Jan Seetz, Technical Market Development Manager, Nouryon

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