An exhibition of  all the commercial developments related to producing cleaning products.

Developments and innovation in raw materials and ingredients have resulted in finished products that are time saving, more effective and less aggressive to materials, skin and the environment. Every year new products come to market driven by the pace of technology and market demand.

Household, Industrial, Institutional Ingredients (H3i) covers all relevant aspects of raw materials and ingredients used in household and industrial products and institutional cleaners (HI&I). The emphasis is to offer an interactive meeting format that contains the most up-to-date and innovative information on the formulation, development and application of HI&I products.

For the Visitor…

  • Biocidal Products Directive and Detergents Regulation
  • Biodegradability, sustainability & safety
  • Claims & claim substantiation
  • Care of specific surfaces such as marble, granite, stone, stainless steel, glass, ceramics and modern finishes
  • Care of traditional surfaces such as wood and leather
  • Care of exterior surfaces
  • Basic raw materials: surfactants, polymers, bleaching agents
  • Performance enhancing raw materials and additives: natural, synthetic, multifunctional, fragrances
  • Application areas: laundry, dishwashing, household, personal care, washing powder and floor care
  • Formulation techniques and manufacturing techniques
  • Preservatives and preservation techniques, production hygiene
  • Disinfectants for household and institutional use
  • Market trends

For the Exhibitor…

  • Forge new business partnerships
  • Meet face to face with new and existing clients
  • Learn about the latest innovations and developments in the industry
  • Network with other key industry professionals
  • Showcase your products, services and expertise to the market place
  • Launch new products and services
  • Create new business opportunities