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H3i UK focuses on the raw materials, ingredients and formulation services used in creating innovative household, industrial and institutional cleaning products.


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Find your Perfect Formula

At H3i visitors will find everything needed to help them face the many challenges involved in developing safe, regulatory compliant, effective and innovative household, industrial & institutional cleaning products. With innovation is increasing in importance – dominating product development and driving creativity in HI&I cleaning products. Product development is more about ‘what the market needs’ rather than ‘what can we produce’. Complex science results in high-performing ingredients allowing suppliers to build in associated marketing benefits.

Over the two days visitors can benefit from the comprehensive programme of content covering the many regulatory, commercial, market issues facing cleaning product manufacturers. H3i also has dedicated exhibition featuring the raw materials, ingredients and formulating services that can help cleaning product manufacturers find the latest innovations and technology that can help to create innovative products to meet current and future market needs.

H3i combines technical seminars, supplier presentations on the raw materials, ingredients and formulation of household, industrial and institutional cleaning products, plus an exhibition bursting with innovation.

Free to Attend

Everything at H3i UK is free to attend. Over the two days visitors are able to take advantage of a comprehensive programme of content and the exhibition completely free of charge.

To find out more about H3i UK and how it can benefit you, contact Ben Kyte;
Tel: +44(0) 1892 518877 or Email: h3i-uk@step-exhibitions.com

 Why Attend H3i UK?

Over two days H3i brings together the leading HI&I ingredients suppliers, equipment manufacturers and service providers.

The combination of Scientific programme with an Exhibition full of the latest innovations creates an interactive forum to discuss the latest innovations, technological advances and how they can benefit your formulations.